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If you are reading these lines, you will learn the story of each taste in the Taste Collection.

A real taste becomes meaningful with its story, the moment and place it is shared. For this reason, we have always been after the best taste with 30 years of experience. In the end of this taste journey, we have decided to collect all the Taste of Arts as a Taste Collection.

We have traveled 11.000 km and traced distinguished coffee beans in San Jose, a city of El Salvador, to share this Taste Collection with you. We have collected the most fresh fruits of the season. We have visited the various countries of Europe step by step for the tastes with high reputation. We have brought together the delicate and elegant dishes from each elevation of Anatolia and the mosaic of flavor that is as rich as our culture.

The unique coffees, chocolates, desserts, dishes we have discovered are in the Coffeemania Taste Collection!