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We are the Masters of Coffee Roasting!

Based on our mission to deliver quality coffee everywhere; if you are in a Coffeemania branch, no matter where you are in the world, the coffee you drink comes from our coffee roasting facility, which is right next to our headquarters. This facility, which is established on an area of 800 square meters, proved its success in 2015 with its first class equipments, professional team, and the grinding techniques it uses to offer different and new tastes with its coffee supply from the region as green beans by winning the Gold Medal in the Coffee Tasting Contest organized by the German Roasters’ Guild “Deutche Röstergilde” in competition with the best gourmet coffees.

In our roasting facility, primarily green beans are supplied from countries such as Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Colombia, El Salvador and Papua New Guinea, which are considered as the homeland of coffee. Coffee roasting process is carried out in appropriate conditions, after the cooling stage, they are packaged in the same facility again. Thus, the freshness and flavor of the coffee is always preserved.

In addition to our standard tastes, tests of the new tastes are also made here. Our production capacity is 2.000 tons per month, reaching 24.000 tons annually.

With this facility, which is the biggest indicator of our sensitivity about quality coffee production, we are supplying local and blend coffees with gourmet flavor standards to all of our branches in Turkey and abroad.