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To increase the success achieved in Turkey and abroad together with our gourmet identity in coffee and food. To bring together a wide range of products ranging from coffee to breakfast, from main dishes to desserts with everyone who loves fun, eatin, drinking, discovering with quality services in a quality place.



To bee the first brand that comes to mind in terms of a qualified coffee.

Touch all our guests with our energy while we are always developing with our attitude open to traveling, seeing, discovering and innovating.




990.000 GUESTS IN


We are a group of “coffee lovers”…

We established Coffeemania in Izmir in 2009, after 30 years of professional life between coffee sacks, beans, machines and fragrances in Europe and in Turkey. The high interest in our first branch opened in Istanbul carried us abroad after the every corner of Turkey. We are welcoming our guests with great pleasure in many different locations with a total of 66 branches, 61 of which are in Turkey and 5 of which are abroad.

When we first set out, our goal was to “be the first brand that comes to mind in terms of quality coffee”. Our primary aim was to spread the “quality coffee culture” to Turkey and then to every point of the world as far as we can reach. For this reason, we are delivering all the tastes which are important parts of our taste collection to all our branches by following food safety standards. At the same time, we prepare every coffee in Coffeemania branches with the same care every day from quality coffee beans collected from the most ambitious coffee countries of the world. We use top quality coffee machines, work with experienced baristas trained to prepare the coffee in the best way and offer each cup to our guests with the same taste. In this way, all kinds of coffee from Turkish coffee to espresso, latte, cappuccino and mocha, from press filter coffee to local and flavored filter coffees meet you with the same unique flavor.

We're also lovers of service!

Of course, in our menu, international cuisine and Turkish cuisine, delicious desserts, cold and hot drinks are also included besides coffee. Moreover, we offer all these with a friendly service in a friendly atmosphere where everyone can feel as comfortable, happy and peaceful as in their home.